How would you like to add 
EASY  income streams to your business?

Watch how easy it is to earn extra streams of income while helping your existing clients.

Yes, you read that right: Extra STREAMS of income.

Commercial Properties can benefit:

As a Core Partner, you can offer your existing commercial building owners services like cost segregation, disposition studies, and property tax & appraisal assistance. For each, you earn a fee.

Businesses can benefit:

Business clients you have can receive research & innovation credits, exporting incentives, and work opportunity tax credits. When you bring us a client in need of any of these services, you receive another stream of income!

Energy & Smart Buildings can benefit:

Even "smart" buildings can benefit from the services you offer as a Core Partner. Things like 179d energy incentive & certifications, section 45l tax credits, smart utility incentives (lower their water, waste, sewer, electricity, and gas costs).

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